At this time, choose a khaki sweater dress with a hooded design and a drawstring personality. There are two very handsome pockets on the group body. At this time, you wear a pair of black and white canvas shoes on your feet. You look youthful and beautiful, and you can look a lot younger.
Purple sweater dress, a blurred plus size club dresses dream, and a romantic feeling. This sweater dress has a lotus leaf stitching on the top of the hood, which makes the whole skirt look more individual. It has a slightly split design at the skirt, which is sweet and sexy, and can be easily Show off your beautiful legs. Wearing a pair of white flat shoes at this time will not only make you look youthful and energetic, but also have the effect of reducing age. This combination is so simple and natural.
This sweater dress has a high-neck style for better warmth in wearing. The stitching design of the sleeves, collars and groups makes this dress look more individual.